We are an Onsen Ryokan established in Taisho period, the novel ‘Suzakiya’ by Ootani Touko was replicated after here. The appearance is classic keeping the old school vibe. You are very welcome with warm heart.

A store name

Suzaki ryokan

Street address 〒368-0105
Saitama prefecture Chichibu-gun Ogano-cho Ogano 1815
Phone / Fax +81 0494-75-0024 / +81 0494-75-0013
Check-in / Check out 3:00p.m. / 10:00a.m.



Shabushabu with Josyu wagyu beef

Josyu cows are grown with the rich water from Tone river and Uwage sanzan (Akagi, , Myogi) has the texture that will melt on your tongue and quality Umami as Shabushabu.


Marinated Miso Pork

Marinated miso meat was created by hunters in the chichibu area, To preserve the meat they would marinate it. We marinate Japanese pork with homemade Miso.


Roarst Venison

Venison has a light taste and good nutrition for beauty and health. We cook only local venison and the cooking method is for creating distinctive flavor.


Our recommendations are simmered Nigimasu in sweetened soy sauce and grilled shiitake mushroom on earthenware utensils. Nigimasu dish is simmered for a while till soft so you can even eat the bones including lots of calcium. Shiitake dish is our favorite dish which has a generous portion and has strong flavor. Grill not too much, still having some chewy texture.

Dinner Your room or restaurant
Serving 1800 or 1830
※Please choose either one.
※If you get late arrival, feel free to ask to change the time.
Breakfast The banquet room or restaurant
Serving 700, 730, 800 or 830
※Please choose the time from above.
Options Low calorie
Less salt
Minced meal, changing rice to porridge rice, likes and dislikes
Allergic : eggs, dairy, nuts, buckwheat, flour, beans
Vegetarian or vegan

The meals are changed every seasons.
The menu could be changed due to the weather and stock.
Please let us know if you are allergic to any ingredients in advance. We can change the menu to suit you’re needs.


Reservable open-air bath


Please feel free to use open air bath with your family and friends as a private bath.

Opening time 5:30~9:00 / 15:00~23:30


spring source dairyuuji source
temperature 18.7℃
spring quality metasilicate, meta boric-acid
Efficacy Neuralgia・Low back pain・Joint stiffness・Neurological disease・Rheumatic disease・Diabetes・Atopy syndrome・Nerve palsy・Urine oxygenous gout・Skin disease・Asthma・Arthralgia・muscle pain・Motor paralysi・Hemorrhoid・Coldness・Recovery from fatigue・Frail child・Chronic lady disease


Large bath tubs for ladies and men.

Opening time 24hours
(10 to noon is cleaning.)

Guest Room

You can choose the room as a standard room with a garden, special room for family or little group or buget room for business.

guest rooms 14 rooms maximum 50 people
※ This ryokan is a smoke-free facility.
  There is a smoking area for those who want to smoke.
Facilities and amenities Air conditioning, TV, phone, toilet, kettle, tea set, body soap, thooth brush, towels, bath towels, Yukata, slipper, wi-fi

We provide air beds, feel free to ask us.




We are selling rice cakes related to Ogano Kabuki and accessories made with Chichibu meisen that is local art business since Edo period as silk material.


Car park for 20cars.